Fixing space in Public Folder name issue in Excahnge 2007 built-in scripts

CURRENT CONFIGURATION: Exchange 2007 Standard with Public folders

OBJECTIVE: Remove or add user permissions from or to Exchange Public folder and all folders under it (recursive) with Exchange built-in PowerShell scripts RemoveUserFromPFRecursive.ps1 and AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1.

ISSUE: Scripts RemoveUserFromPFRecursive.ps1 and AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 don't work if Exchange Public Folder name contains space(s).

Create vbackup copy of original RemoveUserFromPFRecursive.ps1 and AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 scripts.

In scripts RemoveUserFromPFRecursive.ps1 and AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1

"get-publicfolder -identity $TopPublicFolder -Recurse -resultsize unlimited"
replace by
#Fixing name with space problem:
'get-publicfolder -identity "$TopPublicFolder"-Recurse -resultsize unlimited'

$permission | remove-PublicFolderClientPermission -identity $_.Identity -server $_.OriginatingServer
replace by
#Fixing confirmation problem
$permission | remove-PublicFolderClientPermission -identity $_.Identity -server $_.OriginatingServer -Confirm:$false

Download AddUsersToPFRecursive_vz.zip md5: 2bc7416556e60958b25a4d9f9648111f
Download RemoveUserFromPFRecursive_vz.zip md5: f247fd6c7951309b9b8d0d0e4b37dff0


BlackBerry activation email goes to Junk E-mail folder

CURRENT CONFIGURATION: Microsoft Exchange 2007 Standard SP1 with enabled "Content Filter Agent", Blackberry Professional Server

OBJECTIVE: Activate BlackBerry Bold device

ISSUE: Activation emails from RIM appear in Junk E-mail folder in Microsoft Outlook as spam. RIM server EVERY time sends activation emai with DIFFERENT from DOMAIN address. User can not make either email sender or domain to Safe Sender List in Microsoft Outlook.

On Exchange 2007 execute next commands in Exchange Power Shell

Add-ContentFilterPhrase -Phrase "This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry handheld and an associated server" -Influence GoodWord

Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains *.blackberry.net

LINKS: Microsoft Technet
How to Configure Allow Phrases for Content Filtering
How to Specify Recipient and Sender Exceptions for Content Filtering